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You've probably seen and heard a lot of acts and bands but we're bringing you something a little different. We're a four part female harmony group and we've decided to take on the boys! That's right, after years of singing the classic female hits by the likes of Whitney, Aretha and Beyonce, we have decided it's time for a change!

As Sister Twist we only sing songs originally performed by male artists and bands. From Bruno Mars to Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson to the Beatles, Elvis and Queen, let us bring your event to life with classy costumes, slick choreography, audience participation and not forgetting exceptional vocals (so we're told!).
  1. Sister Twist
    Sister Twist
  2. Sister Twist
    Sister Twist
  3. Sister Twist
    Sister Twist
  4. Sister Twist
    Sister Twist
 4 performers to backing tracks
30 - 60 minutes or
2 x 45 minute sets

We also have two fantastic shows where we've gone one step further and created our own versions of some amazing songs. Magical Misstery Four is our unique tribute to the Beatles and Twisted Rock is our musical makeover of classic rock songs. Both shows bring a whole new meaning to songs everyone knows and loves and so far everyone has a different favourite!